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Old Union Complex. Photo by Andrew Brodhead.

Undergraduate Departmental Award Recipients, 2020-2021

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Congratulations to All!

Awards listed on this page have been submitted by academic departments, centers, and organizations within Stanford.

African and African-American Studies

Academic Achievement & Service Award

Allison Oddman, 2021

James L. Gibbs Jr. Award for Superior Academic Performance

Isis Anderson, 2021
Jamayka Young, 2021

Kennell Jackson Jr. Award

Kory Gaines, 2021
Angel Smith, 2021

Shanta Annan Memorial Award

Brittany Linus, 2024

Trustee Leadership Award

Zainab Ayoade Balogun


Nancy Ogden Ortiz Memorial Prize for Outstanding Performance in ANTHRO 90B Theory in Cultural and Social Anthropology

Dryden Kūʻehuikapono Seto Myers, 2022
Matthew Zheng, 2022

The Joseph H. Greenberg Prize for Undergraduate Academic Excellence

Jasmine Liu, 2020

The James Lowell Gibbs, Jr. Award for Outstanding Service to the Department in Anthropology

Sadie Blancaflor, 2020
Victoria Chiek, 2022
Lilith Frakes, 2021

The Robert Bayard Textor Award for Outstanding Creativity in Anthropology

Ethan Chua, 2020

Art & Art History

Albert Elsen Prize in Art History

Sam Roach, 2021

Barbara & Sandy Dornbusch Award in Painting

Benny Siam, 2021

The Christopher Meyer Prize

Ariela Algaze, 2021

Guilla Webster McFarland Award in Design

Noah DeWald, 2021

John Shively Fowler Award in Photography

Phạm Minh Hiếu, 2021

Kristine Samuelson Award in Film & Media Studies

Danika Lyle, 2021

Lorenz Eitner Prize in Art and Art History

AnQi Yu, 2021

Raina Giese Award in Creative Painting

Lorena Diosdado, 2021
Nan Munger, 2021


Stephen Fox Award

Jiwoo Lee, 2021

Lauren D. Weinstein Award

Rishabh Kapoor, 2021

Center for African Studies

Center for African Studies Leadership and Service Award

Thierry Uwase, 2021
Bena Habtamu, 2021
Dumisile Melody Mphamba, 2021
Arafat Mohammed 2021, (co-term 2022)
Leya Devorah Elias, 2021
Chidinma Promise Agbo, 2021


Marsden Memorial Prize in Chemistry

Matthew Hall, 2021

Chemical Engineering

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Chapter Most Distinguished Service Award

Marion Cagnard, 2021
Justin Cortez, 2021

Channing Robertson Outstanding Junior Award

Julia Simon, 2022
Vincent Xia, 2022

Faculty Award in Chemical Engineering

Adrian Castaneda Juarez, 2021

Honors Research Award in Chemical Engineering

Cullen Chosy, 2021
McKeena Loop, 2021
Jiarui Sun, 2021

Mason/Marsden Prize in Chemical Engineering

Jiarui Sun, 2021

Michel Boudart Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Chemical Engineering

Cullen Chosy, 2021
McKeena Loop, 2021


Iris Prize for Ambassadors of Classics to the Wider Community

Will Shao, 2021

Junior Prize in Classics

Didier Natalizi Baldi, 2022

Museion Prize

Sophia Colello, 2021

Senior Prize in Classics

Tianyi Huang, 2021


Mary and Jacquelyn Edmonds Prize in Communication

Chasity Hale, 2022

Rowland Rebele Internships

Cricket Bidleman, 2021
Ron Coloma, 2024
Caroline Ghisolfi, 2021
Victoria Hsieh, 2024
Leily Rezvani, 2022
Jose Luis Sabau, 2022
Emily Surgent, 2021
Daniel Wu, 2021

Comparative Literature

Mary Louise Pratt Prize for and Honors Thesis in Comparative Literature

Alexandra Zoe Landauer, 2021

Computer Science

Ben Wegbreit Prize for Best Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Computer Science

Joy Hsu, 2021

Creative Writing Program

Clarence Urmy-Irene Hardy Prize for Poetry

Rehana Nasser, 2022
Tanvi Dutta Gupta, 2023
Kira Jan, 2021

Creative Non-Fiction Prize

Angie Lee, 2021
Sarah Lee, 2022
Matthew Canlas, 2023

Maclin Bocock-Albert Guerard Prize in Fiction

Erica Yeawon Hwang, 2022
Max Evans, 2021
Gracie Newman, 2021

Mary Steinbeck Dekker Award

Aeron Parks, 2021

Planet Earth Arts Creative Writing Prize

Sophie Boyd-Fliegel, 2021
Darnell Carson, 2021
Regina Kong, 2022

Wiley Birkhofer Poetry Prize

Lily Zhou, 2022

Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Division of Languages, Cultures, and Literature Thesis Award

Max Smith, 2021

Earth Systems

William W. Whitley Citizen Scholar Award

Theo Bamberger, 2021

Miller-Marsden Prize for Innovative Research on the Environment

Caroline Beckman, 2021

Award for Outstanding Research

Jordan Margaret Marian Ferré, 2021 Carl Risberg, 2021
Jacqueline Vogel, 2021

Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Scholars Award

Olivia Ames, 2021
Vance Kaleohano Kahahawai Farrant, 2021

Senior Capstone Excellence Award

Jayne Stevenson, 2021
Jessica Mi, 2021

Outstanding Service to the Earth Systems Program

Caroline Beckman, 2021
Rachel Portillo, 2021
Jayne Stevenson, 2021
Hannah Young, 2021

Centennial TA Award

Lilla Petruska, 2022
Gabriel Saiz, 2020

Earth Systems Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions on Behalf of our Teaching Assistants and Course Assistants

Laura Anderson, 2020
Madeleine Bouton, 2018
Osanna Drake, 2020
Lucy Edy, 2020
TJ Francisco
Leif Gonzales-Kramer, 2020
Ryder Kimball, 2019
Aviva Klein Meyers, 2019
Jacob Kupperman, 2020
Lilla Petruska, 2022
Benek Robertson, 2020
Gabriel Saiz, 2020
Sarah Taylor, 2020
Melina Walling, 2020

Dean's Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Samantha Baird
Theo Bamberger, 2021
Herber Banda, 2021
Caroline Beckman, 2021
Megan Belongia, 2021
Alexandra Brainerd, 2021
Poppy Brittingham, 2021
Sheila Cochrane, 2021
Vance Kaleohano Kahahawai Farrant, 2021
Jordan Margaret Marian Ferré, 2021
Liza Hafner, 2021
Stephanie Houck, 2021
Alisha Jani, 2021
Lia Kim, 2021
Claire Lang-Ree, 2021
Jamie Leonard
Jessica Mi, 2021
Lauren Nolen, 2021
Amelia O'Donohue, 2021
Syler Peralta-Ramos, 2020
Chloe Peterson-Nafziger, 2021
Amal Priestley, 2021
Phoebe Richardson, 2021
Cole Shepherd, 2021
Jayne Stevenson, 2021
Mireille Vargas, 2021

East Asian Languages and Cultures

James Liu Prize for an Outstanding Essay on Asian Language

Enshia Li, 2022
Christopher Rielage, 2021

Kung-Yi Kao Prize for Outstanding Progress in the Study of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Language

Araya Sornwanee, 2022
Kiara Harding, 2021


Anna Laura Meyers Prize for Outstanding Honors Thesis

Armelle Grondin, 2021

John G. Sobieski Prize for Creative Thinking in Economics

Amanda Wang, 2021


Marie Louise Rosenberg Honors Prize

Irene Han, 2021
Jack Nichols, 2021
Eliza Pink, 2021

Ethics in Society

The Lyle and Olive Cook Prize

Alexander Lam, 2021

French & Italian

Ralph M. Hester and Laurence C. Franklin Prize

Nora Mousa, 2024
Gracie Newman, 2021
Elizabeth Swanson, 2021
Jonathan Tseng, 2024

Paul Roberts and Nina Marton Prize for Italian Literature – First

Ariela Algaze, 2024
Giancarlo Ricci, 2021

Paul Roberts and Nina Marton Prize for Italian Literature – Second

Julianna Yonis, 2021

German Studies

The Prize for an Honors Thesis in German Studies

Sofia Patino Duque, 2021

German Club of Stanford Essay Award

Cybele Athena Zhang, 2022

German Language Prize

Madeleine Leigh Fischer, 2022-23


James Birdsall Weter Prize for Outstanding History Honors Thesis

Ayesha Pasha, 2021

Human Biology

Albert H. Hastorf Award for Outstanding Service to the Program in Human Biology

Annette Salmeen

Barbara and Sandy Dornbusch Award for Excellence in Research Related to Families and Children

Sophia Gamboa, 2021
Alexess Sosa, 2021

Bingham Fund for Student Innovation in Human Biology

Leah Balter, 2023
Annie Chang, 2021
Noah Magbual, 2021
Grace Rabinowitz, 2021
Julia Rathmann-Bloch, 2021
Sofia Schlozman, 2022
Andrew Vallero, 2023

Joshua Lederberg Award for Academic Excellence

Callum Bolger, 2021
Justine Kaneda,2021
Max Moss, 2021
Grace Rabinowitz, 2021
Robyn Radecki, 2021
Julia Rathmann-Bloch, 2021
Angeline Truong, 2021
Emma Tsai, 2021
Evelyn Zhang, 2021

Kirsten Frohnmayer Research Prize for Juniors in Human Biology

Mohammad Gumma, 2022
Sammy Pickell, 2022

Mary and Jacquelyn Edmonds Prize for Outstanding Junior in Human Biology

Bryanna Godfrey, 2021
Mohammad Gumma, 2021

Merton & Audrey Bernfield Director's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Human Biology

Julia Rathmann-Bloch, 2021
Sofia Schlozman, 2022

Iberian and Latin American Cultures

ILAC Outstanding Undergraduate Essay Prize

Melanie Rodríguez, 2024

ILAC Department Spanish Language Essay Prize

Rathi Anandu, 2022

International Relations

IR Honors Program Thesis Prize

Erica Scott, 2020
Nitish Vaidyanathan, 2021

Jewish Studies

Donald and Robin Kennedy Jewish Studies Undergraduate Award

Jonathan Morad Artal, 2023

Dr. Bernard Kaufman Undergraduate Research Award in Jewish Studies Nelee Langmuir Award

Daniel Shevchuck, 2023

Management Science and Engineering

Outstanding Academic Achievement at the Undergraduate Level

Sarah Vicol, 2021


Undergraduate Research Award

Amy Kanne, 2021
Matthew King, 2021

Distinguished Service Award

Annie Chen, 2021


Blew-Culley-Lafollette Prize in Piano

Kendrick Shen, 2022

Carol and Peter Polk Undergraduate Music Award

Jessica Lee, 2024

Daniel V. Robinson Prize in Performance

Sean Mori, 2024

Marie Gibson Prize in Vocal Performance

Annette Dong, 2024
Danny Ritz, 2023

Patrick Butler Prize in Piano Performance

Leslie Jin, 2024

Rita Taylor Prize for Undergraduate Performance

Cassidy McCleary, 2021


David S. Levine Award

Nazli Koyluoglu, 2022
Jinhui Wang, 2022

Jeff Willick Memorial Award

Yu-Tse Lee, 2021
Christian Nunez, 2021

Political Science

Award for Distinguished Honors Thesis

Matthew Dardet, 2021


Philip G. Zimbardo Teaching Prize

Joceline Yu, 2021

Science, Technology and Society

Robert McGinn Award

Natalie Hojel, 2021

Walter Vincenti Award

Meghan McClure, 2021

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Galina Leytes Prize in Slavic Studies

Nicholas True Sweetser, 2021


Barbara and Sandy Dornbusch Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Sociology Major

Nic Fishman, 2021
Jonah Gerard-Grossman, 2021
Minha Khann, 2021

Outstanding Sociology Oral Thesis Presentation

Minha Khan, 2021

Sociology - Outstanding Senior Thesis

Nic Fishman, 2021
Minha Khan, 2021

Symbolic Systems

K. Jon Barwise Award for Distinguished Contributions to the SYMSYS Program

Khuyen Le, 2021

Robert Glushko Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Symbolic Systems

Dhara Yu, 2021
Khuyen Le, 2021

Urban Studies

Outstanding Urban Studies Oral Thesis Presentation

Elías Gálvez-Arango, 2021

Urban Studies - Outstanding Senior Thesis

Marisol Rodriguez, 2021

Awards listings continue to be populated as VPUE receives notifications from Stanford academic departments as well as administrative offices that facilitate or report on university and national awards. We will continue updating this site as that information is shared with us. If your name has been mistakenly left off of the list, please be in touch at so we can correct the error.