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Undergraduate Departmental Award Recipients, 2021-2022

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Congratulations to All!

Awards listed on this page have been submitted by academic departments, centers, and organizations within Stanford.

Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies

Abbasi Student Awards

Phoebe Skye Quinton, 2022
Yusuf Zahurullah, 2023


James Lowell Gibbs, Jr. Award for Outstanding Service to the Department of Anthropology

Yuer Liu, 2023
Ilina Rughoobur, 2023
Katie Dragone, 2023

Joseph H. Greenberg Prize for Undergraduate Academic Excellence

Arman Kassam, 2022
Ariel Axelrod, 2022

Nancy Ogden Ortiz Memorial Prize for Outstanding Performance in Anthropology 90B Theory

Binta Diallo, 2025
Chloe Mendoza, 2025
Ariel Axelrod, 2022

Robert Bayard Textor Award for Outstanding Creativity in Anthropology

Sadie Thompson, 2022
Harleen Kaur, 2022

Art & Art History

Albert Elsen Prize in Art History

Isabel Benak, 2022

Barbara and Sandy Dornbusch Award in Painting

Alyssa Diaz, 2022

The Christopher Meyer Prize

Ekalan Hou, 2022

Lorenz Eitner Prize in Art and Art History

Jackson Doyle, 2022


Center for International Security & Cooperation

William J. Perry Prize

Kai Kato, 2022


Marsden Memorial Prize in Chemistry

India Cox, 2022

Chemical Engineering

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Chapter Most Distinguished Service Award

Petar Hristov, 2022
Juliana Lu-Yang, 2022
Naomi Ray, 2022
Julia Simon, 2022
Vincent Xia, 2022

Channing Robertson Outstanding Junior Award

Jennifer Wang, 2023
Christopher Latham, 2023

Faculty Award in Chemical Engineering

Charlie Hoffs, 2022

Mason/Marsden Prize in Chemical Engineering

Vincent Xia, 2022
Julia Simon, 2022

Michel Boudart Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Chemical Engineering

Petar Hristov, 2022
Luis Jiminez, 2022


Apelles Prize

Jackson Doyle, 2022

Hippocrates Prize

Jordan Lee, 2022

Iris Prize for Ambassadors of Classics to the Wider Community

Natalie Francis, 2022

Junior Prize in Classics

Fiona Clunan, 2023
Kiana Hu, 2023

Olympia Prize

Grace McGinley, 2022

Senior Prize in Classics

Didier Natalizi Baldi, 2022


Harry Press Stanford Daily Award

Kate Selig, 2023

Mary and Jacquelyn Edmonds Prize in Communication

Mya Vinnett, 2022

Rowland Rebele Internships

Ron Rocky Coloma, 2024
Victoria Hsieh, 2024
Keona Blanks, 2023
Sarah Raza, 2023
Itzel Luna, 2025
Grace Scullion, 2022
Savanna Steward, 2022
Camryn Pak, 2023
José Luis Sabau Fernández, 2022
Carolyn Stein, 2023
Malia Mendez, 2022

Creative Writing Program

Clarence Urmy-Irene Hardy Prize for Poetry

Syd Westley, 2022 (1st Place)
Malia Maxwell, 2023 (2nd Place)
Nur Shelton, 2022 (3rd Place)

Creative Non-Fiction Prize

Anastasia Sotiropoulos, 2023 (1st Place)
Enshia Li, 2022 (2nd Place)
Lora Supandi, 2023 (3rd Place)

Maclin Bocock-Albert Guerard Prize in Fiction

Lydia Wei, 2024 (1st Place)
Jared Klegar, 2024 (2nd Place)
Lana Tleimat, 2023 (3rd Place)

Mary Steinbeck Dekker Award

Morgan Canaan, 2022

Planet Earth Arts Creative Writing Prize

Anna Zheng, 2025 (1st Place)
Isabelle Edgar, 2024 (2nd Place)
Tanvi Dutta Gupta, 2023 (3rd Place)

Wiley Birkhofer Poetry Prize

Robert Casterneros, 2024

East Asian Languages and Cultures

Heidi Chou Award

Michael Alisky, 2024
Daniel Gao, 2023
Kai Kato, 2022
Camille Luong, 2025
Noah Salazar, 2023
Eli Shi, 2023

James Liu Prize for an Outstanding Essay on Asian Language

Emily Yu Wan, 2022
Vivian Jiahui Zhu, 2023

Kung-Yi Kao Prize for Outstanding Progress in the Study of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Language

Anna Chang, 2023
Benjamin Andrew Korngiebel, 2024
Bronson P. Vanderjack, 2022

Electrical Engineering

Project Design Award in Electrical Engineering

John Kustin, 2022
Ryan Wixen, 2023

Human Biology

Albert H. Hastorf Award for Outstanding Service to the Program in Human Biology

Gabrielle Li, 2022

Barbara and Sandy Dornbusch Award for Excellence in Research Related to Families and Children

Lucy Rickerich, 2022

Bingham Fund for Student Innovation in Human Biology

Elizabeth Heckard, 2022
Sofia Schlozman, 2022

Joshua Lederberg Award for Academic Excellence

Angela Chau, 2022
Bethany Chen, 2022
Pierce Davis, 2022
Bryanna Godfrey, 2022
Alexa Hui, 2022
Jordan Kaplan, 2022
Lucy Rickerich, 2022
Haley Schwager, 2022
Sofia Schlozman, 2022

Kirsten Frohnmayer Research Prize for Juniors in Human Biology

Leah Balter, 2023
Ahmed Moutwakil, 2023

Mary and Jacquelyn Edmonds Prize for Outstanding Junior in Human Biology

Madison Ambroise, 2023
Osadebamwen (Deba) Elaiho, 2023

Merton & Audrey Bernfield Director's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Human  Biology

Aneeqa Abid, 2022

International Relations

IR Honors Program Thesis Prize

Brooke Beyer, 2022
Sharon Du, 2022

IR Honors Oral Presentation Award

Lily Liu, 2022

Jewish Studies

Donald and Robin Kennedy Jewish Studies Undergraduate Award

Hagar Gal, 2022
Emily Colcord Shraeder, 2023

Dr. Bernard Kaufman Undergraduate Research Award in Jewish Studies

Adrian Feinberg, 2025
Peyton Klein, 2025
May Levin, 2025

Jewish Studies Short Story Contest

Max Sobol Mark, 2022
Benjamin E. Schwartz, 2022
Isabel Edgar, 2024

Nelee Langmuir Award

Mátyás Kisiday, 2023

The Bender Family Jewish Studies Undergraduate Award

Palmer Spelios Manes, 2022


Blew-Culley-Lafollette Prize in Piano

Katie Liu, 2025
Justin Wahby, 2025

Carol and Peter Polk Undergraduate Music Award

Albert Zhang, 2025

Daniel V. Robinson Prize in Performance

Ryan Andrew Chi, 2024

Friends of Music Chamber Music Award

Paul K. Lee, 2022
Lena Han, 2022
Elizabeth “Betsy” Kim, 2022

Marie Gibson Prize in Vocal Performance

Sidharth Srinivasan, 2025
Karuna Taesopapong, 2024

Patrick Butler Prize in Piano Performance

Leslie Jin, 2024
Charlies Li, 2025

Rita Taylor Prize for Undergraduate Performance

Annette Dong, 2024


David S. Levine Award

Daniel Newton, 2023
David Wendt, 2023

Jeff Willick Memorial Award

Avi Kaplan-Lipkin, 2022
Jensen Wang, 2022

Public Policy

Roger G. Noll Award for Outstanding Public Policy Undergraduate Student

Haleigh Quinn, 2022

Science, Technology and Society

Robert McGinn Award

Sierra Enge, 2022

Walter Vincenti Award 

Carolina Sculti, 2022


Barbara and Sandy Dornbusch Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Sociology Major

Angela Gomez, 2022
Ari Pefley, 2022

Barbara and Sandy Dornbusch Award for Outstanding Sociology Honors Thesis

Angela Gomez, 2022

Outstanding Sociology Oral Thesis Presentation

Ari Pefley, 2022

Sociology & Urban Studies - Outstanding Honors Thesis

Whitney Thomas, 2022

Sociology & Urban Studies - Best Oral Presentation of an Honors Thesis

Whitney Thomas, 2022

Symbolic Systems

K. Jon Barwise Award for Distinguished Contributions to the SymSys Program

Millie Lin, 2022
Tiffany Liu, 2022

Robert Glushko Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Symbolic Systems

Robert Sparks
Yasmeena Khan

Symbolic Systems Distinguished Teaching Award

Haroun Ahmed, 2022
Regina Ta, 2023

Theater and Performance Studies

Alexander Stewart Prize for Contribution to Production

Dahkota Brown, 2022

Department of Theater and Performance Studies Award for Contribution to Acting

Audrey Senior, 2022

Department of Theater and Performance Studies Award for Excellence in Scholarship

J.J. Kapur, 2022

Department of Theater and Performance Studies Award for Contribution to Dance

Rebecca Pattichis, 2022
Leilani Tian, 2022

Sherifa Omade Edoga Prize for Work Involving Social Issues

J.J. Kapur, 2022

Awards listings continue to be populated as VPUE receives notifications from Stanford academic departments as well as administrative offices that facilitate or report on university and national awards. We will continue updating this site as that information is shared with us. If your name has been mistakenly left off of the list, please have your department contact us  at so we can correct the error.