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Undergraduate Departmental Award Recipients, 2023-2024

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Congratulations to All!

Awards listed on this page have been submitted by academic departments, centers, and organizations within Stanford.

African and African American Studies

Academic Achievement & Service Award

Alana Okonkwo, 2026

James L. Gibbs Jr. Award for Superior Academic Performance

Osadolor Osawemwenze, 2024

Kennell Jackson Jr. Award

Brittany Linus, 2024
Osadolor Osawemwenze, 2024

Shanta Annan Memorial Award 

Ria Khehar, 2027

Trustee Leadership Award

Osadolor Osawemwenze, 2024

American Studies

Estelle Freedman Prize for Excellence in Honors Research 

Marlane Bosler, 2024

Art and Art History

Albert Elsen Prize in Art History

Bella Wayans, 2024

Barbara and Sandy Dornbusch Award in Painting

Nora Collins, 2024

The Christopher Meyer Prize

Hank Gerba, 2024
Abigail Schwiezer, 2024

Guilla Webster McFarland Award in Design

Aeri Chen, 2024

Kristine Samuelson Award in Film & Media Studies

Jonah Issac Stern, 2024

Lorenz Eitner Prize in Art and Art History

Halima Mogahed Ibrahim, 2024 

Raina Giese Award in Creative Painting

Halima Mogahed Ibrahim, 2024
Laura Song Wu, 2024



Angela Lee Undergraduate Research Award

Yu chen (Rellie) Liu, 2024

Stephen Fox Award

Sophia Haase Cox, 2024

Center for Latin American Studies

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship

Adan Marquez, 2025
Annel Andrea Leon Tenorio, 2025 
Mariel Camargo, 2025 

Monica Miller Walsh Internship Grants

Galia Santana-Oikawa, 2025 
Ronak Shetty, 2026

Pessoa-Trejos Internship Grants

Sehaj Kaur, 2024


Marsden Memorial Prize in Chemistry

Michael Lee, 2024

Chemical Engineering

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Chapter Most Distinguished Service Award

Christopher Latham, 2024 
Daniela Figueroa, 2024
Franklin Guevara, 2024 
Genesis Gilles, 2024 
Gradie Ngaruka, 2024 
Melanie Rodríguez Pabón, 2024
Sarah Yribarren, 2024

Channing Robertson Outstanding Junior Award

Georgios Mikos, 2025 
Jenny Han, 2025

Faculty Award in Chemical Engineering

Eshaan Rawat, 2024

Mason/Marsden Prize in Chemical Engineering

Ethan Amaya, 2024
Melanie Rodríguez Pabón , 2024

Michel Boudart Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Chemical Engineering

Franklin Guevara, 2024 
Gradie Ngaruka, 2024


Daniel Pearl Memorial Journalism Internship

Itzel Luna, 2025

Harry Press Stanford Daily Award

Dilan Gohill, 2027
Janelle Olisea, 2025

Mary and Jacquelyn Edmonds Prize in Communication

D’Andre Jorge, 2024
Ijeoma Alozie, 2024

Rowland Rebele Internships

Anne Li, 2024
Arundathi Nair, 2024
Cate Peters, 2027
Charlotte Burks, 2027
Chloe Shrager, 2024
Greta Reich, 2026
Helena Getahun-Hawkins, 2025
Jacqueline Munis, 2025
Jake Katz, 2025
Jonas Pao, 2027
Shreya Komar, 2026
Yuanlin (Linda) Liu, 2025

Steve Steinberg Reporting Award

Anna McNulty, 2024

Comparative Literature

Herbert Lindenberger Prize for an Essay in Comparative Literature

Akira Tran, 2025 
Creagh Factor, 2025

Mary Louise Pratt Prize for and Honors Thesis in Comparative Literature

Nicholas Rosenbaum, 2024
Nitara Connally, 2024

Creative Writing Program

12th Annual Poetry Into Film Contest - First Place

Osadolor Osawemwenze, 2024

12th Annual Poetry Into Film Contest - Second Place

Rosana Maris Arias, 2024

12th Annual Poetry Into Film Contest - Third Place

Chase Klavon, 2025
Jae-Yoon Song, 2025

12th Annual Poetry Into Film Contest - Jury Award

Alex Tchang, 2024

Clarence Urmy-Irene Hardy Prize for Poetry - First Place 

Ruba Ahmed, 2026

Clarence Urmy-Irene Hardy Prize for Poetry - Second Place 

Katherine E. Woo, 2025

Clarence Urmy-Irene Hardy Prize for Poetry - Third Place 

Ula Lucas, 2025

Creative Non-Fiction Prize - First Place 

Sawyer Lucas-Griffin, 2024

Creative Non-Fiction Prize - Second Place 

Barbara Sanford, 2024

Creative Non-Fiction Prize - Third Place 

Grace Carroll, 2024

Maclin Bocock-Albert Guerard Prize in Fiction - First Place

Lana Tleimat, 2024

Maclin Bocock-Albert Guerard Prize in Fiction - Second Place

Maximilian Du, 2024 

Maclin Bocock-Albert Guerard Prize in Fiction - Third Place

Malavika Kannan, 2024

Mary Steinbeck Dekker Award

Jisoo Hope Yoon, 2024

Planet Earth Arts Creative Writing Prize - First Place

Ariana Lee, 2027

Planet Earth Arts Creative Writing Prize - Second Place 

Keona Blanks, 2024

Planet Earth Arts Creative Writing Prize - Third Place 

Divya Mehrish, 2025

Wiley Birkhofer Poetry Prize

Monique Ouk, 2024

Earth & Planetary Sciences

Outstanding Senior Award

Emily Marie Snell, 2024


Anna Laura Meyers Prize for Outstanding Honors Thesis

Emma Hou, 2024 
Frank Zhao, 2024

John G. Sobieski Prize for Creative Thinking in Economics

Ivy Manna, 2024 
Samantha Schiller, 2024

Electrical Engineering

Project Design Award in Electrical Engineering

Guilherme Beyruti Suranyi, 2026 
Stefano Fantini Delmanto, 2025
Zhouhua Xie, 2025

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Frederick Nitta, 2024

Energy Science & Engineering

Frank G. Miller Fellowship Award

Anders Luffman, 2026

Robert G. Lindblom Memorial Award

Alyssa Krull, 2024

Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

FGSS Award for Leadership in Service and Community Building

Dana Chiueh, 2024
Zoey Hu, 2024

Francisco Lopes Prize for Essay in Humanities

Alexa Kupor, 2025
Luke Lamberti, 2024

Francisco Lopes Prize for Thesis in Humanities 

E Ju Ro, 2024
Melissa Severino de Oliveira Godoy, 2024

Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo Prize for Essay in the Social Sciences

Noel Seo, 2025

Monica P. Moore Prize for Creative Theses

Daania Tahir, 2024

French & Italian

Ralph M. Hester and Laurence C. Franklin Prize

Fernando Bravo, 2024 
Gianna Dugan, 2025
Jane Lord-Krause, 2024
Ji Hun Wang, 2024 
Lanna Wang, 2024

Paul Roberts and Nina Marton Prize for Italian Literature – First

Langston Buddenhagen, 2024
Matteo Perper, 2024


Undergraduate Best Thesis/Paper

Riley Shaper, 2024

German Studies

German Club of Stanford Essay Award

Taylor Vlasta James, 2025

German Language Prize

Oliver Lee, 2024
Zelig Jacob Dov, 2025

Human Biology

Albert H. Hastorf Award for Outstanding Service to the Program in Human Biology

Temiloluwa Adeyemo,  2024

Barbara and Sandy Dornbusch Award for Excellence in Research Related to Families and Children

Niki Iasinovschi, 2024
Sawyer Lucas-Griffin, 2024

Joshua Lederberg Award for Academic Excellence

Angelina Chan, 2024
Brooke Seay, 2024
Elyse Lowet, 2024
Hannah Dow, 2024
Harrison Konsker, 2024
Leila DeSchepper, 2024
Nora Yang, 2024

Kirsten Frohnmayer Research Prize for Juniors in Human Biology

Alexandra Szawranskyj, 2025
Maria Valentina Chirinos Pena, 2025

Mary and Jacquelyn Edmonds Prize for Outstanding Junior in Human Biology

Kayla Myers, 2025
Matthew Onadeko, 2025

Merton & Audrey Bernfield Director's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Human  Biology

Jonathan Tang, 2024

Iberian and Latin American Cultures

ILAC Outstanding Undergraduate Essay Prize

Kyra Sophie Kraft, 2024 
Sofia Raquel Gonzalez-Rodriguez, 2025

ILAC Department Spanish Language Essay Prize

Galia Asae Santana-Oikawa, 2024

International Relations

IR Honors Program Thesis Prize

Isa Calero Forero, 2024
Nina Iskandarsjach, 2024


Distinguished Service Award

Jacob William Hofgard, 2024 
Shaunak Bhandarkar, 2024

George Pólya Prize

Shaunak Bhandarkar, 2024


Carol and Peter Polk Undergraduate Music Award

Andrew Chen, 2026 
Anthony Qin, 2025
Kristie Park, 2024

Costanza Prize for Cello Performance

Kevin Song, 2025

Daniel V. Robinson Prize in Performance

Eric Wang, 2026

Geoff Nuttall – Friends of Music Chamber Music Award

Daiki Nakajima, 2025

Glen & Barbara Smerage Chamber Music Performance Prize

Amaru Ordóñez-Jacobson, 2024
Grant N. Moore, 2025 
Jiaju Liu, 2024

Glen & Barbara Smerage Violin Performance Prize

Clair Koo, 2026 
Gabriel Tsai, 2027

Marie Gibson Prize in Vocal Performance

Iskander Nekkaz-Le Roux, 2024

Patrick Butler Prize in Piano Performance

Oscar Paz-Suaznabar, 2027

Rita Taylor Prize for Undergraduate Performance

Akash Shah, 2027


David S. Levine Award

Andrii Torchylo, 2025
Daniel Sun, 2025 
Declan Murphy Zink, 2025

Jeff Willick Memorial Award

Alexander Sun, 2024 
Julia Zhu, 2024

Public Policy

Nathan Rosenberg Award for Outstanding Honors Thesis

Jamie Hamilton, 2024

Roger G. Noll Award for Outstanding Public Policy Undergraduate Student

Richa Upadhyay, 2024

Religious Studies

Lawrence Berman Memorial Award

Caspar Griffin, 2026

Science, Technology, and Society

Robert McGinn Award

Isabella Grace Marie Raja, 2024

Walter Vincenti Award 

Iris Ung, 2024

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Galina Leytes Prize in Slavic Studies

Ashley Meyer, 2025


Awards listings continue to be populated as VPUE receives notifications from Stanford academic departments as well as administrative offices that facilitate or report on university and national awards. We will continue updating this site as that information is shared with us. If your name has been mistakenly left off of the list, please have your department contact us  at so we can correct the error.