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Students in the dorm by Micaela Go

The Committee on Residential Learning

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The Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL) serves to ensure the highest standards of liberal education in the undergraduate residential experience, as defined by ResX and mandated by Stanford’s Senate. It is a large and diverse committee providing broad support for residence-based programs that serve undergraduates.

It does this by clearly defining University Themed Houses; creating robust processes for the application, development and review of Themed Houses; and by encouraging intellectual vitality and institutional accountability in themed living programs. CoRL develops, promotes and oversees consistent standards across residential neighborhoods, and makes recommendations about the most compelling themes to the Governing Council. It also contributes significantly to the ResX goal of increasing faculty interest and investment in Stanford’s undergraduate residential experience.

CoRL Members

Find the list of CoRL members here.

I want to create a University Theme House. How can I apply?

Refer to the ResX website for information about how to apply.

Who can I contact if I have questions?