Stanford Introductory Studies (SIS)

About Stanford Introductory Studies

Stanford Introductory Studies (SIS) courses introduce students to the kinds of transformative questions that promote intellectual and personal development. With a focus on reading critically, writing effectively, and thinking analytically, SIS prepares undergraduates to achieve their academic goals. 

SIS Programs

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Education as Self-Fashioning (ESF)

Education as Self-Fashioning explores the idea of cultivating self from many different perspectives. ESF courses consider writings about education by intellectuals working in various fields, with the aim of articulating the ways that education can be used to structure one’s thinking, one’s self, and ultimately one’s life as a whole. Click here to Contact ESF.

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Hume Center for Writing and Speaking

The Hume Center for Writing and Speaking provides tutoring, workshops, and writing boot camps to students for every stage of their academic career and for any kind of writing. The Oral Communication Program at the Hume Center provides opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and instructors to improve their presentation and communication skills. Contact the Hume Center.

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Introductory Seminars

Introductory Seminars are small-group courses taught by faculty to first year students and sophomores across a wide range of disciplines, providing opportunities for students to explore their interests and develop long-term mentoring relationships. Click here to Contact IntroSems.


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September Studies

Arts Intensive, Bing Honors College, Sophomore College, Leland Scholars, and Leadership Intensive are residential programs in which students return to campus three weeks prior to the beginning of Autumn Quarter to work with faculty on a focused area of study or artistic practice. Click here to:  Contact Arts Intensive  |  Contact Bing Honors College  |  Contact Sophomore College  

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Stanford Storytelling Project

The Stanford Storytelling Project is an arts program at Stanford University that explores how we live in and through stories and how we can use them to change our lives. Their mission is to promote the transformative nature of traditional and modern oral storytelling. The project sponsors courses, workshops, live events, and grants. Click here to Contact the Stanford Storytelling Project.

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Structured Liberal Education (SLE)

SLE is an intensive residentially-based program that simultaneously satisfies the Introduction to the Humanities requirement, the Writing and Rhetoric I and II requirements, and one General Education Breadth requirement in the humanities. Click here to Contact SLE.

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Thinking Matters (THINK)

Thinking Matters offers specially designed courses dedicated to major ideas and themes in human identity and existence, combining a lecture format co-taught by faculty and small class discussions led by premier post-doctoral fellows. Click here to Contact THINK.