Ad Hoc Committees

Course Evaluation Committee

At the Provost’s request, Russell Berman, Walter A. Haas Professor in the Humanities, has agreed to lead a committee to design a new course evaluation form in light of the SUES recommendations. The goal is an instrument more closely tied to student learning, rather than just satisfaction, and tailored to the specific class and its format, teaching practices, and learning goals. The Committee has been asked to present a recommendation to the Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Policies and the Committee on Graduate Studies in the spring of 2013.


Russell Berman (Chair), Comparative Literature
Sarah Church, Physics
Tom Ehrlich, Education
Margot Gerritsen, Energy Resources Engineering
Pam Grossman, Education
Caroline Hoxby, Economics
Jon Krosnick, Communication
Sheri Sheppard, Mechanical Engineering
Tom Black , Registrar
Michele Marincovich, Center for Teaching and Learning
Robyn Dunbar, Center for Teaching and Learning
Corrie Potter, Institutional Research and Decision Support

Contact: Suggestions for the Course Evaluation Committee may be submitted online using our webform.

Helix Committee

Last year, the SUES report recommended an elective cluster of interdisciplinary courses called a Helix. Like the spokes of a helix connected by its spiral scaffolding, these three or four courses will be united both by a shared theme and by a dedication to the overarching frame of Stanford’s larger liberal arts mission. Chaired by Michele Elam, Professor of English, Olivier Nomellini University Fellow in Undergraduate Education and Martin Luther King Jr. Centennial Professor, the Helix Committee will make recommendations about implementation of Helix clusters to the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education by Spring 2013.


Michele Elam (Chair), English
Thomas Ehrlich, Education
Andrea Goldsmith, Electrical Engineering
Rosemary Knight, Geophysics
Katherine Preston, Human Biology
Gabriella Safran, Slavic
Scott Sagan, Political Science
Sharon Palmer, VPUE
Mariatte Denman, Center for Teaching and Learning