Undergrad Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winners

Tents under the Milky Way by Wyatt Mullen.

About the 2017 Grand Prize Winner

Wyatt Mullen traveled with Stanford Outdoor education on one of their Adventure Program Trips to Lassen Volcano National Park and snapped the 2017 Grand Prize Photo!


About the 2016 Grand Prize Winner

The 2016 Undergrad Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner is Ryan Jae for his compelling Milky Way photo. For the grand prize, we selected a photo that captures a snapshot of both beauty and photographic technique.


Rainbow forming in hose water at Meyer Library demolition site. Photo by Vienna Harvey.

About the 2015 Grand Prize Winner

The 2015 Undergrad Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner is Vienna Harvey, 16, for finding beauty amidst destruction at the Meyer Library demolition zone. For the grand prize, we selected a photo that captures a snapshot of this particular moment in time at Stanford.  

Student drawing the Radcliffe Camera, Photo by Daniela Olivos

About the 2014 Grand Prize Winner

The Spring 2014 Undergrad Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner is Daniela Olivos, '15 with her photo of the Radcliffe Camera taken during a study break at Oxford University. We received over 500 submissions for the Undergrad Photo Contest this Spring Quarter. Thank you to all who submitted images, and congratulations to the finalists and winners. 

Photo Galleries by Quarter

Spring Quarter 2015-16

Congratulations to Ryan Jae, Liang Zhang, Jessica Xu, and Daniel Chan


Winter Quarter 2015-16

Congratulations to Kinjal Vasavada, Ryan Jae, Stephanie Hsiang, and Wyatt Mullen


Fall Quarter 2015-16

Congratulations to Shelby Mynhier, Miso Kim, Amy Chen, Daryll Carlson, and Kristen Stipanov



Spring Quarter 2014-15

Congratulations to Michael Chung, Vienna Harvey, Peng Hui How, Kinjal Vasavada, and Clara Warden


Students construct a structure in the Engineering Quad

Winter Quarter 2014-15

Congratulations to Kendall Beckett, Vivian Nguyen, Kinjal Vasavada, Devangi Vivrekar, and Nick Xu


Clark Center at Night, Photo by Kinjal Vasavada

Fall Quarter 2014-15

Congratulations to Amy Chen, Vivian Nguyen, Jenna Shapiro, Kinjal Vasavada, and Devangi Vivrekar


Student riding a bike in front of Hoover Tower, Photo by Justine Beed

Spring Quarter 2013-14

Congratulations to Luis Aguilar, Agatha Bacelar, Justine Beed, Daniela Olivos, Alexandra Simon, and Kinjal Vasavada