Academic Advising at Stanford

Academic Advising provides comprehensive academic guidance across all four years of your undergraduate career—including assistance in identifying research opportunities, civic engagement programs, and other resources to support you in your educational journey.  Whether you're a co-term student, an athlete, a pre-med student—or all three!—Academic Advising is here to help you get the most out of your Stanford education. For a complete list of Academic Advising staff, please visit our online directory

Academic Advising Directors

Meet your Academic Advising Director (AAD), a residentially-based advisor assigned to all students living in undergraduate residences.

Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes

If you are a student-athlete, you can choose to meet with an Advisor in the Athletic Academic Resource Center (AARC Advisor).

Specialized Advising Team

Meet with a specialized advisor, who has focused expertise in: pre-professional pursuits (pre-law, pre-med, pre-business, pre-education); transfer, returning or co-terminal students.

Not sure which Academic Advisor you should see?  Learn more about your academic advisors.

Are you a graduate student?

You can find information about academic advising here or through your department.