Frosh-Friendly Courses

About Frosh Friendly Classes

Frosh-Friendly Courses allow students to explore a field of study early in their Stanford Careers, generally with minimal or no prerequisites or previous exposure. These include classes like IntroSems, Thinking Matters Courses, and introductory classes (like PSYCH 1) as well as some less obvious courses that can serve as a foundation or launching pad for study in a particular discipline. Taking a number of Frosh-Friendly Courses your first year can help you explore the wealth of options you have at Stanford and enable you to learn more about potential majors of interest. In addition, Frosh-Friendly courses may offer you opportunities to explore your Ways requirements and to learn more about the university and yourself.

Classes to Consider

Browse the lists of Frosh-Friendly Courses provided by the Schools of Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Humanities & Sciences and visit classes of interest to you

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Consider taking a 1 or 2 unit class in order to uncover a previously unknown field

Open medieval book

Interested in studying the humanities and arts, but don't know where to begin? Browse our list of Gateway Courses in the Humanities.

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Check out courses taught by award-winning faculty from departments across campus.

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Get to know a member of Stanford’s award-winning faculty through an IntroSem!

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Explore options for fulfilling your PWR requirement

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Check out upcoming Thinking Matters courses

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Explore Education as Self-Fashioning courses

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You may already be involved in a residentially based program like an ILE, but there is much more to discover!

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Plan ahead and start thinking about applying for a Sophomore College Class or Arts Intensive Course

Explore traditions, texts, ideas, intellectual and literary history around the world.