How Residential Programs Play a Part

Four students observing a painting.
About Residential Programs
By integrating the academic and residential experience, ILEs and FroSoCo offer a comprehensive approach to liberal education across the entire year. Residential education helps students connect their curricular and residential lives, to create a culture in which ideas and inquiry are a part of their daily experience.
How Residential Programs Play a Part
Freshman-Sophomore College consists of approximately 100 freshmen and 60 sophomores living in two adjoining houses. FroSoCo offers workshops and tutorials provided by staff, as well as sophomore-run mini-seminars on a diverse array of subjects.
ITALIC uses art as the frame for discussing big ideas. Freshmen who participate in this yearlong academic program live together and attend classes in Stern Hall’s Burbank House residence. ITALIC asks: How do the arts provide new ways of thinking about our world and ourselves?
SLE is a residence-based academic program that encourages students to live a life of ideas in an atmosphere that emphasizes critical thinking and interpretation. SLE students live together in the three houses of East Florence Moore Hall.