Meet Your Advisors

Natty Jumreornvong meets with her adviser, Prof. Don Barr to submit her honors thesis
Stanford Advisors
Stanford believes in the multiple mentor model. Every first-year student has an Academic Advising Director who is affiliated with a first-year residence and a Pre-Major Advisor who has been paired with him or her individually. Student-Athletes will also work with advisors in the Athletic Academic Resource Center. As you progress through your academic career you will not only find a Major Advisor in your primary field of study, but may meet with a Pre-Professional Advisor in Sweet Hall to explore post-graduate options like Medical School, Law School, Business School, or Graduate School. Here you can learn about the various advisors you will meet on campus, the differences between them, and how to use meetings with your advisors to your best advantage. Who is your Academic Advising Director (AAD)? How were you matched with your Pre-Major Advisor (PMA)? How might an AARC Advisor help you navigate NCAA requirements? When should you seek out advice? Who can help you make course planning decisions, assist you with academic difficulties, or introduce you to research opportunities?
Advisor Directory
NCAA athletes have AARC advisors who are familiar with the demands of their sports
Every incoming first-year student is connected with an Academic Advising Director affiliated with their residence
Every first-year student also has a Pre-Major Advisor hand-matched to them specifically
Later in your undergraduate career, meet with Pre-Professional Advisors to learn more about post-graduate options and opportunities in pre-law, pre-health, pre-education, or pre-business
Learn more about these resources and additional advising options for first-year students