My Stanford Story

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My Stanford Storyfeatures first person accounts of Stanford experiences from students, faculty, and pre-major advisors. Stanford Stories are as unique as the individuals who make up this incredible community. There are multiple stories on the same topic for different perspectives. Here you can learn from the experiences of others as you start your own Stanford Story.

My Stanford Story, Student Stories, First Year Courses and Reflections
Clara Meister, '17
My Stanford Story, Faculty Stories, Why I Teach
Raj Chetty
My Stanford Story, Student Stories, I Am Stanford
Nico Lozano-Landinez, '18
My Stanford Story, Alumni Stories, FLI at Stanford, Majors and Major Decisions
Greg Beale, '69
My Stanford Story, Student Stories, Majors and Major Decisions
Ariana Rollins, '18
My Stanford Story, Pre-Major Advisor, Pre-Major Advising
Eva Milgrom Meyersson