Secrets to Stanford Success

On Thursday afternoon admits meet in Frost Amphitheatre for the ProFro Pick Up Party.
Secrets to Stanford Success considers the questions every student new to Stanford asks: How do I plan a schedule? How do I enroll in classes? Why should I take an IntroSem? When should I talk to my advisor? What are the Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing? You can find some of the most popular questions and answers here. This resource links you into the Freshman Guide and will be updated throughout the year. So check back often to see what’s new. Not finding answers to your questions? Perhaps it’s time to make an appointment with an advisor!
Questions Frequently Asked by Frosh
Articles compiled under the “How Do I…” category address questions of process and procedure, and offer suggested best practices.
In “Why Should I…” we strive to capture a little bit of the philosophy that makes Stanford great. What does it mean to be a Stanford Student? How is studying here different than anywhere else?
“What is…” collects those questions of definition and distinction that bedevil many an incoming student. Here you can learn some of the language and shorthand key to navigating Stanford.
Check out the full guide for more information about advising, events, and tips for your freshman year.