How Do I Enroll in a Course?

Enrolling in Axess

Prior to enrollment, students are encouraged to peruse their options on Explore Courses. Read through the overall guide to Axess for Students, as it answers a lot of common questions about how to use Axess. Even before you are able to enroll, you can use the Study List Planner in Axess or plan a schedule in SimpleEnroll to remember classes and consider what your week might look like.

You will enroll in courses in Axess, which offers two routes: SimpleEnroll or regular Axess.

Those guides will also help you to change your options as the quarter continues.

Note that for almost all classes, you are the only person who can add, drop, or change your enrollment in Axess. Professors cannot do this for you, although you will sometimes need to request a permission number from them before you can enroll in certain classes. There are some exceptions: the main two you will encounter are PWR enrollment, which is entirely centrally controlled, and THINK enrollment, which is partially centrally controlled. (See also: Can I change my THINK or PWR course?)

Remember, whatever classes you ultimately select, you are responsible for knowing what is on your study list (your schedule of enrolled classes). Therefore, whenever you make a change to your study list, always, always, always make a printout and double-check it to make sure that everything is as you think it is. And don't forget to check the final exam schedule as you finalize your study list.