I Still Have My SNG Hold - What Do I Do?

Wait! Are you sure it’s your SNG hold?  There are many kinds of holds that can prevent you from enrolling in classes. Be sure to check what type of hold you have to find out how to resolve it. There are two ways to check:

  • Log in to Axess and you will see Action Items right at the top of the page. Those include your holds--click on the hold to see the details of who to contact.
  • Go to your Axess Student Center, look at the Holds listed in the right-hand column, and click on Details to identify the hold on your account.

Your Stanford Newcomer Guide can lift your Advisor Enrollment Hold, but cannot help you if you have a hold from Vaden, Financial Aid, Student Check-In, etc. For Registrar/Academic Standing holds, consult your Academic Advisor.

Remember, your SNG is not just a first-year advisor. You will continue to meet with and work with your SNG until autumn of your Sophomore year. You need to contact your SNG and arrange a telephone, skype, or in‐person meeting. Use this meeting as a chance to reflect both backwards on the past and the future.

  • What good habits should you bring with you from the first year?
  • What skills and capacities would you like to develop in your sophomore year?
  • What are you excited about returning to at Stanford? What are you concerned about?
  • What are you thinking you might major in? Ideally, you’ll have eliminated some potential options, and raised others to the top of your list.
  • How can you use the rest of summer and classes in fall and winter to help you decide on a major?

After you have allowed your SNG several days to respond and tried to reach him or her twice, if you are still having difficulty connecting with your SNG, you should reach out to your Academic Advising Director to see if s/he can help you.