What is the AARC?

The AARC is the Athletic Academic Resource Center, which is located in the basement of the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation. In the AARC, students will find two conference rooms (both frequently used for tutoring and group projects), one large room with a variety of study tables and a bank of 12 computers, and six Undergraduate Advising Directors for Student-Athletes ready to help students with academic advising topics as listed below.

What Can I Talk to My AARC Advisor About?

Your AARC Advisor can be a great resource on many different academic topics, including:

  • Course Selection
  • Scheduling Conflicts
  • Major Selections and Declaration
  • 4-year Plans
  • Research Opportunities
  • Personal/Emotional Issues
  • Faculty Connections
  • Tutoring/Study Skills
  • Exams While Traveling
  • Summer School


NCAA Eligibility

To be eligible to represent Stanford University in intercollegiate athletics competition, all Stanford student-athletes must meet NCAA academic requirements. You can find more information about general NCAA requirements for all students as well as requirements specific to your class year on the AARC's NCAA Academic Eligibility Requirements page.

Resources at the AARC

Tutoring for Student-Athletes

The AARC offers a tutorial program that provides student-athletes with academic support for most classes in which they request assistance. The AARC tutorial program is offered in addition to tutorial resources available on campus at a time and in a location that is conducive to student-athlete schedules.

Partners for Academic Excellence (PAE) for Student-Athletes

The PAE mentoring program assists Stanford student-athletes in managing their demanding schedules to ensure academic excellence and in using their limited free time efficiently to ensure academic excellence and also to help prepare them for future employment opportunities through professional development.

Contact your AARC Advisor with any further questions!

Additional Resources on Campus

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