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Your Questions Answered considers the questions every student new to Stanford asks: How do I plan a schedule? How do I enroll in classes? Why should I take an IntroSem? When should I talk to my advisor? What are the Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing? You can find some of the most popular questions and answers here.

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Choosing Your Classes

What is a unit?

How many units of coursework should I take?

What does it mean when a class has variable units? (3-5, etc)

How do I research a course?

Do I need to take a placement test?

How do I start to build a schedule?

How can I get credit for AP, IB, or transfer courses?

Do I need a 4-year plan before I arrive?

Why should I take classes outside of my expected major?

Should I "shop" more classes than I expect to enroll in?

IntroSems, Thinking Matters, and PWR courses

Why should I take an IntroSem?

How do I write an IntroSem statement of interest?

How do I make the most out of not getting into the IntroSem I wanted?

Can I change my THINK or PWR course?

Can I take more than one THINK course?

Course enrollment and Using Axess

How do I use Axess?

How do I enroll in a course?

Why can't I enroll in this course?

What are my enrollment deadlines?

How do I find my transcript?

Succeeding in Class and Managing Your Quarter

What is a syllabus and where can I find samples?

How do I read a syllabus?

How can I find tutoring?

How do I get help with study skills?

How do I check my finals schedule?

Why should I fill out my course evaluations?

What is a typical quarter like for a Stanford student?

How do I manage my time?

How do I maximize my chances for success?


What are the Ways of Thinking Ways of Doing requirements?

What are the minimum requirements for doing well in my academics?

What are the requirements for graduation?

What is the Honor Code?

People You Should Know: Cardinal Community

Why should I meet with an Academic Advisor?

Why should I get to know a faculty member?

What's a Student Services Officer (SSO)?

What's an academic coach?

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