What Should I do If I’m interested in Law School?

Students who are considering law school as a future option can major in anything, whether in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, or engineering. The best general advice, therefore, is to find and choose something that you’re passionate about. The best specific advice to prepare for law school is to take courses that will help you develop your communication skills, generally those courses that require a lot of reading and writing.

Resources for Pre-Law Students

Pre-law students may want to check out the Stanford pre-law society, which hosts many programs of interest to pre-law students. Subscribe to the joint pre-law mailing list to get news of events and information sessions held throughout the year.

There are a number of Introductory Seminars and often a Sophomore College course focused on law, usually under the LawGen prefix. Look for courses that study the legal system, such as AmStud 179: Introduction to American Law. There are also some classes at the Stanford Law School that undergraduates are eligible to take.

Draw on the resources at BEAM Career Education to investigate shadowing or internship opportunities at a legal firm or a court.

As a sophomore or junior, schedule an appointment with the specialist pre-law UAR advisor in Sweet Hall to begin thinking about the law school application process.

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