Partners for Academic Excellence (PAE)


Participants in the Partners for Academic Excellence (PAE) programs are organized into small groups (e.g., five to ten first-year students) who meet regularly (e.g., every week or every two weeks) with assigned graduate and undergraduate student mentors. Mentors serve as guides, providing academic and career advice, support, direction, and encouragement from a student perspective.

PAE Programs

Within their respective groups, students explore and discuss topics such as available campus resources and student opportunities. Issues such as the transition to university life, and accessing university resources and academic opportunities are addressed in these sessions as well as in workshops with guests from campus departments and programs. Students also have opportunities to take part in educational excursions both on and off campus.

  • PAE I/ Ernest Houston Johnson Scholars Program: Co-sponsored by Black Community Services Center (BCSC) to introduce students to Black/African-American faculty and alumni, to facilitate small-group mentoring, and to examine the academic and research opportunities at Stanford. Learn More about the EHJS Program.
  • PAE II: Co-sponsored by Stanford Athletics to assist world-class student athletes in managing their demanding schedules and utilizing their limited free time efficiently to ensure academic excellence. Learn More about the AARC PAE program.
  • PAE IV: Co-sponsored by El Centro Chicano to introduce students to Chicano/Latino faculty and alumni, to facilitate small-group mentoring, to expose students to academic and research opportunities at Stanford, and to familiarize participants with the intellectual heritage, history, and culture of our community. Learn More about the El Centro Frosh Scholars Program.
  • PAE V: Co-sponsored by Native American Cultural Center to introduce students to the diverse Native student communities, to facilitate small-group mentoring, and to introduce students to academic exploration and research opportunities. The NACC Frosh Fellows program runs in winter-spring quarters, and is 2 units with a focus on research.

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