Advising for Sophomores

Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) provides academic advising, programming, and support for students as they shape their Stanford education. In guiding students to engage with faculty and in supporting students’ personal and intellectual development, UAR encourages students to explore the full breadth and depth of their intellectual opportunities, to find their intellectual homes, and to discover a sense of belonging at Stanford.

Seeking out multiple perspectives is particularly helpful when thinking through the choices that ultimately lead to major declaration. In the sophomore year, UAR continues to connect you with multiple advisors, each of whom is interested in discussing your interests and goals.

Pre-Major Advisor

Your Pre-Major Advisor continues to be available to discuss the development of your intellectual interests and can help you identify supplementary sources of information. You are required to have a quarterly check-in with your Pre-Major Advisor until you declare a major.

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UAR Academic Advising Director

There is an Academic Advising Director associated with every residence that houses sophomores, and we encourage you to seek her or him out. You may also continue to work with the Academic Advising Director from your freshman residence, if you wish. Your AAD can provide information about the curriculum, major declaration processes, academic rules and regulations, research, fellowships and scholarships, academic standing, petitions, and preparation for graduate or professional school.

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Other Advising Resources

UAR Advisors at Sweet Hall

Sophomores may use the additional set of advisors in UAR, located on the first floor of Sweet Hall. UAR Academic Advisors are available during daily drop-in hours or by appointment in the event that your Pre-Major Advisor or Academic Advising Director is unavailable or if you seek specialized advice regarding research, fellowships, and pre-professional interests (e.g., pre-law, pre-health, pre-business).

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UAR Advisors at the Athletic Advising Resource Center (AARC)

Student athletes continue to work with the UAR Academic Advisors in the AARC.


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