Enrollment Timeline


Begin looking for courses that will allow you to explore academic interests and potential majors. Explore what interests you, even if you are unfamiliar with the discipline. Many of Stanford’s fields will be entirely new to you. Use resources such as ExploreCourses, Cardinal Compass, Carta, the Introductory Seminars catalog, the Thinking Matters course descriptions, and departmental websites to identify the types of classes and the specific courses in which you may be interested. Identify more courses than you intend to take, rather than trying to finalize your schedule immediately.


Notification of your preliminary assignments for your required first-year courses (Thinking Matters and PWR 1, ESF, ITALIC, or SLE) will be sent by email. These courses will be added to your Study List automatically; you will have the opportunity to change your assignment(s), if desired.

Your Academic Advisor (Academic Advising Director, Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes, Transfer Advisor) will contact you by email to begin the advising conversation. For first-years, these meetings may be held in small groups; for transfers, these meetings will be individual appointments. Be proactive about connecting with your advisor and gathering multiple perspectives on how best to explore your interests within Stanford’s curriculum. In preparation for your first conversation with your Academic Advisor, fill out the 2020 Academic Planning Worksheet and complete the new Academic Advising Course in Canvas. Share your list of interesting courses as well as questions you have regarding your academic plans with your Advisor. As you prepare to enroll, enter courses as "Planned" Courses in Simple Enroll in Axess to draft your proposed schedule and look for course conflicts.

September 1

During the summer, you will meet with your Academic Advisor and review information from academic departments about course placement, entry points for different pathways, and academic opportunities and considerations. On September 1, course enrollment will open for all students, including new frosh and transfers, and you can begin enrolling in courses online in Axess.

Preliminary Study List Deadline

The deadline to register your Preliminary Study List for Autumn Quarter is 5:00 p.m., Monday, September 14, 2020.

Final Study List Deadline

You have until the end of the third week of classes each quarter to make changes to your study list before the Final Study List Deadline. One challenge will be getting used to the fast pace of the quarter system. During these first few weeks, students often choose to explore and attend a few classes prior to making their final choices. You can review syllabi (lists of assignments, readings, etc.), look at the textbooks for the courses, listen to lectures, and talk to your advisors. However, do not take too long to finalize your list. Faculty begin assigning work on the first day of class and midterms may begin as early as your third week. Good time management skills are absolutely essential for keeping up with your classes and for balancing your coursework with your other commitments.