Important Dates and Deadlines

**Approaching Stanford will begin for the class of 2022 on May 14, 2018. The information on this page will be updated for new students in the class of 2022 and new transfers in May 2018. The content on this page is for Approaching Stanford 2017.**

In preparation for your arrival, Stanford will send you frequent communications by email and postal mail from mid-May to September. Those listed on these pages are essential to your transition process. Be sure to look for these communications and complete any required actions by the posted deadlines, if applicable to you.

2017 First-year student Important Dates and Deadlines

2017 Transfer student Important Dates and Deadlines


Stanford Email

All emails, including the weekly Approaching Stanford Newsletter, will be sent to your email account. Check this account frequently by logging in at and complete the required actions by the posted deadlines. First-Year Students: your first email will sent on May 15.

All new undergraduate students will access their email account using the Microsoft Exchange online service, Office 365, which provides cloud-based email and calendaring. Outlook is the web-based email client for Office 365 and will let you access your Stanford email on any computer through a web browser. To set up a desktop email client or mobile device to access your email, see the Office 365 configuration instructions. You will still be able to use your account to log in to Google Drive and to use Google Apps, but new undergraduate students will not be able to access your Stanford email on Gmail.

Go to Stanford Email

Mailing Address

All mailings will be sent to your Mailing Address listed in Axess. If your mailing address changes this summer, update it at at least two weeks before the next scheduled mailing and contact us to notify us of the change. All mailings (except the Three Books) are available online. First-Year Students: in preparation for your first mailing, please update your Mailing Address in Axess no later than May 7. Your first mailing will be sent on May 15.

Update your Mailing Address

Two-Step Authentication

Two-Step Authentication is required to verify your identity in order to access your Stanford email, Approaching Stanford Forms, Health Forms, Canvas, and other secure Stanford websites. If you will be traveling and need to adjust your authentication settings, go to For assistance resetting your Two-Step, call (650) 725-HELP or go to and submit a Help Ticket.

Update Two-Step Authentication

Additional To-Do Items 

Review the Important Dates & Deadlines on the links provided above, and complete these following additional items this summer, if they apply to you:

For International Students Only

For Transfers Only

  • Register online by July 10, 2017 for Transfer Visit Day: Friday, August 18, 2017.  
  • Apply for graduate housing if you are married, in a long-term same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partnership, have children, or are age 25 or older.

Printable PDFs

Printable PDF of 2017 First-Year Important Dates and Deadlines

Printable PDF of 2017 Transfer Important Dates and Deadlines

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