Moving to the Farm

August 13 update: Due to current health conditions, we will not be able to invite first-year and new transfers to campus for the autumn quarter, as we had hoped. We will continue to offer on-campus housing for students approved to be in residence due to a special circumstance and who continue to wish to be on campus, despite the plan for mostly remote instruction. If public health conditions allow, we plan to invite frosh and new transfer students to campus for the winter quarter.

For the limited number of students who will be moving to campus, this page will be updated with guidance on packing, shipping, and arriving to campus for Move-In.

Check out the Guidelines for Packing for a handy list of what to pack. You should only bring your necessities and what you can carry on your own. Large items and furniture are strongly discouraged, as you will need to move completely out of your room at the end of Autumn Quarter. Be sure to have your government-issued photo ID handy, as you will need to show it at check-in.

If you are planning to ship items as you move to campus, please keep in mind that you can only receive packages after you have moved in. Do not send your belongings in advance of your arrival, as packages that arrive before you do will be returned to the sender. The University does not have the space to store packages before you arrive.

This guide has been created by campus staff and your fellow students to provide resources and simple tips for leading an eco-friendly lifestyle on campus. Whether it’s in your new room, at the dining hall, or out and around campus, there are endless opportunities to take simple actions that can add up to a significant reduction in our collective footprint. Your choices and actions do matter. Learn more at

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