Guidelines for Packing

Based on the expert advice of the frosh and transfers who have come before you, this page lists what you will likely need or want in your dorm room.

While we list some of the following as necessities, you do not need to have every single item in hand on the day you move in. Also, since you will not know your roommate(s) until you arrive, we recommend that you wait until after you meet them before buying or renting larger items (like microwaves and refrigerators). This way you can discuss and coordinate this option with your roommate.

Review How to Be Cardinal Green: Student Sustainable Living Guide prior to packing, as you may learn more eco-friendly tips on what to bring (and not bring) to campus.


Your dorm room will include the following, so you will not need to pack, ship, or purchase these things:

Extra-long (80”) twin bed (for each roommate) - Exception: beds in Roble are regular twin beds, not extra-long

Bookcase, either attached to the wall or freestanding (for each roommate)

Small closet or freestanding wardrobe (shared or individual)

Mirror (shared or individual)

Dresser drawers (for each roommate)

Desk and chair (for each roommate)

Wastebasket and recycling bin (for each roommate)

Robe hook or towel bar (shared or individual)

Overhead light

Window covering

Heating system

At least one communication outlet with two Ethernet ports, a telephone line, cable, and a shared landline telephone


You will need to provide:

Government-issued ID and necessary cards (e.g., auto insurance card, bank/ATM card, health insurance card). Keep your driver’s license or passport on-hand to show at move-in. If you plan to pursue part-time employment on or off campus, you will need multiple forms of ID.

Bedding | Twin extra-long sheets fit our 80” long mattresses - Exception: beds in Roble are regular twin beds, not extra-long

Desk lamp | Preferably LED design

Clothing | Including a rain jacket and a warm coat

Toiletries | Including a shower caddy to transport toiletries to the bathroom

Towels | Including a large bath towel or bathrobe, as the shower is down the hall

An extra pair of glasses and eyeglass prescription | Prescription lab glasses are available for students in lab courses

UL approved power strip/surge protector with built-in circuit breaker

Medications and/or prescriptions

Shower sandals or flip-flops

Flashlight and batteries

Laundry supplies



The following contains items some view as necessities and others can easily live without:


Large plastic storage tubs

Books | Only a few since you will pick up plenty more for your classes

Sports equipment | Baseball glove, Frisbee, etc.

Photos and decorations

Computer, Ethernet network cable (long), computer accessories

Mini-refrigerator and microwave | Look for Energy Star-rated appliances and wait until you move in to coordinate with your roommate

Bike, bike lock, and helmet


To support Stanford’s sustainability goals, think twice before bringing the following items that are less energy efficient:

Holiday string lights

Non-Energy Star-rated appliances

Disposable products that are not sustainable

Most electronic equipment, such as stereos and televisions


The following items are strictly prohibited in residence halls:

Candles, torches, incense, and open-flame devices

Halogen lamps

Non-University lofted beds | Student Housing provides approved lofting materials

Dangerous weapons and ammunition

Appliances with open heating elements such as hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, clothing irons, and electric heaters

Mercury thermometers

Pets of any kind, including aquatic, unless approved and registered through the Office of Accessible Education. Service animals are allowed.