*August 13, 2020 update: Due to current health conditions, we will not be able to invite first-year and new transfers to campus for the autumn quarter, as we had hoped. We will continue to offer on-campus housing for students approved to be in residence due to a special circumstance and who continue to wish to be on campus, despite the plan for mostly remote instruction.

New Student Orientation

*Approaching Stanford 2021 will be updated by Spring 2021. You may review 2020 information on this page.* Welcome to Stanford! New Student Orientation 2020 will take place from Wednesday, September 9 through Sunday, September 13. Please note that New Student Orientation (NSO) is required for all new undergraduate students - we are planning a virtual program so that all new students, on-campus and remote, can participate fully. A schedule of events and programs will introduce you to the rich academic, social, and cultural life at Stanford. Required events will take place Wednesday to Friday. Additional optional events for students and families will take place on Saturday and Sunday of NSO.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation will take place from September 9 - 13, 2020. You can review this schedule of virtual events. The full, detailed schedule for NSO including links to all the programs, will be published in the NSO Module of the Approaching Stanford course in Canvas.

NSO will be provided using the Approaching Stanford course in Canvas. We will notify you when the 2020 NSO Module is published. Virtual NSO will consist of: attending required events, academic advising, connecting with your classmates and communities, and reviewing important resources.

In preparation for NSO, please download and install Stanford Zoom, our preferred video conferencing tool. The NSO schedule will be provided in our Approaching Stanford Canvas course and will require the use of Stanford Zoom.

Image of two people in a golf cart on Stanford campus

If students and/or family members need a disability-related accommodation, please contact the Diversity and Access Office at (650) 725-0326 or disability.access@stanford.edu.

For students approved to live on campus in autumn, review move-in information, including directions to campus, guidelines for packing and shipping, and the Sustainable Living Guide. For Fall 2020, you are encouraged to pack lightly and bring only the necessities to campus, as we do not provide campus storage.

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