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Read 2018-19 Student Health Matters Handbook before completing your health forms

Entrance Health Requirements

Before you can be enrolled at Stanford, you must complete these Entrance Health Requirements:

  1. Consent for Treatment
  2. Health History
  3. Immunizations for Non-Medical Students
  4. Vaden Health Center Notice of Privacy Practices
  5. Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire 
  6. Tuberculosis Testing - only required if you answered 'yes' to any questions on the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire


The Health Requirements must be completed and forms submitted by the deadlines listed below. If you do not complete the Health Requirements, an enrollment hold will be placed on your account and you will not be able to enroll in classes until you complete the Health Requirements.

Class Year Deadline
First-Years June 30, 2018
Transfers July 31, 2018

International students must complete the requirements by these dates, with the exception of the Tuberculosis Testing Form (if applicable) which can be completed when you arrive for International Student Orientation and must be submitted by September 20.

Vaden will not send a confirmation of receipt of your documents. You may log in to to check if your forms have been verified. It may take up to 30 days for Vaden to verify your information.

Transitioning your medical and mental health care

If you have a health condition that requires continued medical care, contact Vaden’s Continuity of Care Nurse at (650) 725-0984 prior to coming to Stanford in order to plan your transition of care to the university setting. If you are not already independently managing your health care, it is important to plan this transition in advance online.

Transitioning your medical and mental health care


Read the 2018-19 Student Health Matters Handbook published annually by the Vaden Health Center.

Additional information about the entrance health requirements, health insurance, and services can be found on the Vaden Health Center website. If you have any questions about these topics or experience difficulty completing these online forms, please contact Vaden Health Center directly at (650) 498-2336 or using your Stanford email account (

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