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About Approaching Stanford
Welcome new students! The Approaching Stanford team in Undergraduate Advising and Research will help guide you through your transition to Stanford. We'll be updating this website in May 2014 with new content, so please check back in May when we launch the Approaching Stanford process for the Class of 2018 and new transfers. In the meantime, please feel free to browse the information and resources provided below to the Class of 2017 and new transfers.
Approaching Stanford Resources
This is the full PDF version of the 2013 handbook, which will guide you through your transition to Stanford. Read it carefully and completely. Review pages 1-19 first, in order to complete your Approaching Stanford Forms.
This page provides links to previous 2013 Approaching Stanford Newsletters, which are sent via email every Monday to your Stanford email account.
As September 2013 draws closer, you are planning what to pack and preparing for your move to Stanford. This information provides some guidance for these processes.
All incoming freshmen and transfers are required to enroll in Autumn Quarter, but new undergraduates will enroll in Autumn Quarter courses on a different timeline and, in some instances, through different processes than returning students.
Check out these resources and find useful information to help you get settled into life here at Stanford. This information will be updated further during the summer.
Introducing the six current students who work throughout the spring and summer to help you get ready for life at Stanford.
This is your go-to location for all PDF documents from Approaching Stanford, including individual sections of the handbook (which are smaller and easier to open). This list will be updated throughout the summer as additional publications are released.
All incoming freshmen and transfers must complete these forms by the stated deadlines. The information you provide here will be used to prepare for your arrival.
You must also complete several forms associated with the health-related Entrance Medical Requirements by the stated deadlines before becoming a student at Stanford.