Beyond Sex Ed Storytellers

"Beyond Sex Ed: Consent and Sexuality at Stanford" is a core NSO program that highlights stories from current students to engage conversation and exploration around sexuality as a dimension of our humanity and its relationship to consent.  In order to address sexual violence systemically, we must first listen to each other's stories, which reflect the larger systems of culture surrounding us.  In so doing, Beyond Sex Ed aims to create a fundamentally different climate around sexuality, relationships, intimacy, consent, and community at Stanford.  

Undergraduate students enrolled for Autumn Quarter 2017 are invited to share their stories at Beyond Sex Ed this fall (date TBA). Because sexuality is an integral part of our humanity, we believe you have a perspective worth sharing—whether about asexuality, friendship, masculinity, virginity, family, culture, abstinence, gender, hookups, relationships, heartache, love, or anything in between.  If you wish to tell your story in the fall, a preparatory spring quarter course is required: 

StoryCraft: On Sexuality
Instructors: Michelle Darby and Brianna Booth
Thursdays, 4:30 - 6:20 p.m.
Roble Gym 136
What is “sexuality education”? How do I tell a compelling story? In this class, you will learn about sexuality and storytelling from the inside, out. We will examine social discourses that shape our understanding of sexuality, explore and develop personal stories, and then dive into the many facets of sexuality through the art and craft of storytelling—our own, and others.

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