AARC Group Session Tutorial

The AARC offers a group session and drop-in tutorial program that provides student-athletes with academic support for most classes in which they request assistance. AARC tutorial is offered in addition to tutorial resources available on campus at a time and in a location that is conducive to student-athlete schedules. Tutors are typically current Stanford graduate students.

About AARC Group Session Tutorials

  • Introductory courses in biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, math, physics, and statistics
  • Once per week for 2 hours
  • Date/time/location determined by tutoring group and tutor
  • Tutoring for upper-level classes provided when possible, but no guarantee of tutor availability
  • For a group of students only – one-on-one tutoring is not permitted by the AARC
  • Group tutorial schedule will be finalized beginning Week 2 of each quarter

This Summer the AARC will offer group tutoring for the following subjects: 

Math 19 - Tuesdays, 1-3pm, Champions Conference Room in AARC

CS 106A - Wednesday, 1-3pm, Champions Conference Room in AARC

Stats 60 - Sunday, 8-10pm, Champions Conference Room in AARC