Interactive Advising Worksheets

Stanford offers a wealth of opportunities to grow and challenge yourself, both in and outside the classroom. The office of Academic Advising is dedicated to introducing you to the full richness of undergraduate study at Stanford, and to supporting you in your academic and intellectual pursuits.

Your relationship with your Advisor(s) is an ongoing conversation and partnership that is ideally characterized by mutual respect, engagement, and responsiveness. You can get the most out of advising if you:

  • Bring your questions, ideas, and reflections about what is working for you (and what isn’t) to your meetings, understanding that participation is a critical part of the advising conversation.
  • Be open and honest about your background, specific academic or other goals you may have, as well as special needs or circumstances that may affect your experience.
  • Be respectful of their time (and know that they will be respectful of yours). Keep your appointments, or notify your advisor in a timely fashion if you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason.
  • Try to remain open to possibilities they suggest, but understand that you are the author of your own education.

These interactive worksheets are tools that you can use to frame your reflection; analysis and decision making; planning and preparation; and goal-setting. They can be used cooperatively during an advising conversation or you can use it on your own, to help you prepare for a conversation with your academic advisor.