Planning for Law School

There is no "pre-law" track at Stanford. Law schools welcome all majors, so seek courses/majors that you find intellectually exciting. As long as your major requires you to write well and to develop critical thinking skills, you can become a strong applicant.

Pre-Law Academic Advising at Stanford

Kathy Wright, the Stanford Pre-law advisor (located in Academic Advising on the first floor in Sweet Hall) is available to provide information and advice in response to your pre-law advising inquiries at any point in your undergraduate career and throughout the application process. 

Pre-law advising resources include one-on-one appointments, law-related programming, informational visits from law school deans of admission, group advising, personal statement review, strategies for preparing for the LSAT, choosing where to apply, advice on when to apply, taking a gap year, etc.

All Pre-law academic advising services are available to current students and alumni only.


Current students and alumni may make an appointment online at:

Personal Statement Review

If you would like your personal statement to be reviewed, please email it in a Word document to Pre-law advisor, Kathy Wright, at You can expect a review of your essay with specific comments and suggestions within 3 working days.

The pre-law advisor at Stanford is not able to review documents from students/alumni from schools other than Stanford University.

Email Advice

Current students and alumni may send questions or concerns to:

Up-To-Date Announcements

Join the Joint Pre-law email list to receive program announcements at:

Law Programming

We offer programs each quarter that aim to help students make informed decisions about deciding to go to law school, applying to law school, and programs featuring alumni with advice and insight into law school and the profession.

Spring 2020

Spring programming has been cancelled. For up-to-date announcements, join the Pre-law email list (see above).