Resources for Pre-Law Students

Getting Connected

Many organizations on campus support students interested in pursuing law or related fields. Please see the list below for a few representative examples:

Law Programming

Upcoming Pre-Law Programs this Quarter

Helpful Links

The links below cover a multitude of resources that previous Stanford students have reported helpful.

Law School Transparency

Our mission rests on the three pillars of our theory of action: reform, information, and accountability. We develop legal education policy ideas, shape the national debate of these ideas, and challenge law schools, state bar associations, and the American Bar Association to change business as usual.

Employment Information, by School

American Bar Association, Report on Legal Jobs

ABA Report disclosures

Official Guide to ABA Approved Law Schools

Boston College Law School Locator 2016-2017​

National Association for Law Placement (NALP)

NAPLA SAPLA Book of Law School Lists

Online publication that lists law school academic programs, clinical programs, scholarships, admission policies, and other information.  Individual schools should be contacted for more information.