Returning Students

Returning Students

Stanford students take time away from school for many reasons, including:   family concerns, finances, health, job opportunities (including professional sports), academic issues, or needing time to clarify their priorities and goals. 

Returning Students Group

All returning students should join Academic Advising's Returning Students Group.  Most students have taken a year or more off, but those who have been away for a shorter time may also join. Current members range in age from 19 to 68, but most members are between 20 – 35 years of age.  Non-traditional transfer students (age 25 and over) are also welcome.

A Welcome Back Dinner is held at the beginning of each quarter, on the night before school starts in the fall, and the first night of classes in the winter and spring. Welcome Back Dinners are from 5:30-7 p.m. and attendance is required.

The Returning Students Group also enjoys monthly lunches from noon until 1:30 p.m. and include check-ins and guest speakers. Confidentiality is respected, and good food is always served. Below is a list of programs planned for the 2018-2019 school year. New non-traditional transfers may also attend the lunches.

Autumn Quarter

Sunday, September 23               Welcome Back Dinner

Friday, October 2                        Lunch Program: Learning Strategy Programs

                                                       Jae Chung, Academic Skills Coach, VPTL; Jessica Williams, Tutor and Outreach Coordinator, Schwab Learning Center


Friday, November 9                   Lunch Program: Connecting with Faculty and Research

                                                       Vivienne Fong, Research Programs Director; Jill Wentzell, Research Communities Manager


Thursday, December 6             Holiday Lunch Program: On Resilience

                                                      Carole Pertofsky, Manager of Health Promotion Services, Vaden Health Center


Winter Quarter

Monday, January 7                    Welcome Back Dinner


Friday, January 25                     Lunch Program: Resume Consideration, Branding Yourself for Opportunities, Interviewing, and Negotiating Offers

                                                        Ahmad Wright, Assistant Director Career Education and Associate Director Career Catalysts, BEAM


Thursday, February 14             Lunch Program:  On Designing Your Life (and the class)

                                                      John Armstrong, Life Design Lab, BEAM


Friday, March 8                          Lunch Program:  On resilience, growth mindset, and wellness in approaching finals

                                                      Aneel Chima, Head of Wellness Education and Associate Director of Health and Human Performance


Spring Quarter

Monday, April 1                         Welcome Back Dinner


Friday, April 12                          Lunch Program: Time management and study skills

                                                      Soung Bae, Senior Learning Specialist, Schwab Learning Center


Friday, May 12                            Lunch Program: On the Science of Happiness and Well-being

                                                       Donovan Somera Yisrael, Health Promotion Services, IThrive Program


Friday, May 24                            Lunch Program: Students sharing stories and reflections

                                                       Fun end-of-the-year program


Additional Support Resources


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