Academic Advising Staff

Paula Aguilar

Academic Advisor, Coordinator of Coterminal Advising

Jelena Batinic

Academic Advising Director

(650) 725-9844

Kristin Black

Academic Advising Director

(650) 721-5745

Lorena Castro

Academic Advising Director

Raymond Chen

Lead Academic Advising Director

(650) 723-7966

Warren Chiang

Associate Dean and Senior Director of First Year Experience, Academic Advising

Chad O. Coates

Chad O. Coates

Academic Advising Director

Nick Combo

Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes

(650) 723-9650

Cari Costanzo

Academic Advising Director; Lecturer, Department of Anthropology

(650) 723-0079

Rebecca Curtin

Academic Advisor for Pre-professional Students

(650) 725-3687

Steven Doan

Steven Quoc Doan

Frosh 101 Program Coordinator

Janet Hall

Senior Director of Finance & Administration

(650) 497-3793

Patti Hanlon-Baker

Patti Hanlon-Baker

Director, Frosh 101 Resident Fellow, Larkin House

(650) 723-2412

Courtney L'Esperance

Advising Program Administrator

(650) 725-5789

Mary Laurita

Mary B. Laurita

Director for Academic and Educational Support Programs

(650) 723-8248

Christine Lee

Christine Lee

Academic Advising Director

(650) 723-0048

Patricia Lewis

Academic Advisor

(650) 723-8551

Arik Lifschitz

Lead Academic Advising Director

(650) 497-3648

Joanie Ly

Joanie Ly

Associate Director of New Student Programs

Sally Mentzer

Academic Advisor, Coordinator of Transfer Advising and the Returning Students Process

(650) 725-4379

Christina Mesa

Academic Advising Director;Lecturer, American Studies

(650) 725-9655

Gina Im

Gina Meyers-Im

Senior Program Coordinator

(650) 723-1484

Joey Nelson

Academic Advising Director

(650) 721-0361

Louis Newman

Louis Newman

Dean of Academic Advising; Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

(650) 723-2426

Yoda R Patta

Academic Advising Director, Adjunct Professor in Materials Science & Engineering

Courtney Peña

Courtney Pena

Program Manager, Frosh 101 / Transfer 101

Alice Petty

Director of Pre-Major Advising

(650) 724-1853

Kathleen Phillips

Academic Advising Director

(650) 498-4757

Brandi Pretlow

Brandi Pretlow

Director, Leland Scholars Program

(650) 497-2922

Shannon Reader

Academic Advisor for Student Athletes

(650) 723-1176

Lauren Reid

Lauren Reid

Lead Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes

(650) 725-0790

Joy Robinson

Joy Robinson

Program Administrator, Leland Scholars Program

(650) 497-1215

Laura Selznick

Laura Selznick

Academic Advising Director for the Mayfield Row and Special Assistant for Diversity Outreach to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

(650) 723-3828

Grace Hae Rim Shin

Academic and Educational Support Administrator

(650) 498-9880

Melissa Stevenson

Lead Academic Advising Director

(650) 721-5571

Melissa Stringer

Associate Dean, Academic AdvisingAssociate Athletics Director

(650) 723-5806

Diana Suedbeck

New Student Programs Manager

(650) 725-9284

Carina Thompson

Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes

(650) 736-3528

Lara Tohme

Associate Dean of Academic Advising

(650) 498-7315

Katie Wang

Katie Wang

Director of Upper Division Advising and Pre-Professional Programs

(650) 725-1195

Randy Williams

Randall Williams

Associate Dean, Academic Policy, Academic Progress, and Specialized Advising; Academic Advising

(650) 725-2905

Shannon Wilson

Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes

(650) 725-2240

Gabriel Wolfenstein

Academic Advising Director

(650) 498-9896

Kathryn Wright

Associate Director, Upper-Division Advising and Pre-Professional Programs, Pre-Law Advisor, Pre-Health Advisor

(650) 725-1196

Edith Wu

Associate Dean & Director of New Student Programs

(650) 725-3115