Approaching Guide

It’s the summer before freshman year starts, many of your friends are already off to college, and you find yourself with time on your hands. Maybe you should start working on your 4 year plan, right? Maybe, but then again maybe not. The primary thing that should concern you before classes start is coming up, not with a 4-year plan or even a 3-quarter plan, but with an idea of the type of courses you would like to take during your first quarter as a Stanford undergraduate. And, for that, there are myriad options, any of which could be the right choice for you. There is also...Read More
Stanford Introductory Studies includes PWR, Thinking Matters, Introsems, and other...Read More
THINK courses are completely frosh-friendly--they are only available to you in your...Read More
Students new to Stanford often worry about making sure that they are enrolled in the...Read More
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All incoming freshmen enroll in their Autumn quarter courses near the end of New...Read More