On Campus This Summer? Make it Count

 A few suggestions for exploring majors while working on campus this summer:

  1. Go meet the Student Services Officer (SSO) for a department that interests you. Some questions you might ask them: “any general advice for a potential major? is there an events/interest email list I can be on? does the department keep honors theses that I can browse to see what students do in this major? does the department have any information on what alumni are doing now?”
  2. Check out the physical bulletin boards near the main office--these give you a sense of what’s going on in the department, and what may come after graduation.
  3. Summer research programs typically have a poster session or presentations in late August to show what the students have been doing. Attending one is a great way to get a sense of what research in that department is like. Ask the SSO about attending. (Most science and engineering departments, and several social science departments, have a summer research program, as well as centers such as BioX and the spatial history lab).