Chemistry for Life Sciences majors and Pre-meds

The chemistry department is offering a new pathway through upper level chemistry topics designed for pre-med students and others who are interested in the life sciences.

Life Sciences Chemistry Pathways

Launched in Winter of 2016-17, the two-quarter sequence: Chem 141 (The Chemical Principals of Life I) and Chem 143 (The Chemical Principals of Life II) covers the biological aspects of organic chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry and diverges from the Chemistry major curriculum after the completion of Chem 35.  This new pathway will allow Stanford premedical students to complete the Chemistry pre-med curriculum in two years. These courses are not intended for Chemistry or Chemical Engineering majors.

Please note, Chem 141/143 is a highly integrated sequence that includes the necessary organic and physical chemistry woven throughout the two quarters, so Chem141 will be a hardcoded pre-requisite for Chem143. Students who have already taken physical chemistry (Chem135 or Chem171) may take Chem181 to complete biochemistry, or may take the Chem141/143 sequence; they cannot simply take Chem143.
Alternative pathways for premedical students include taking Chem 130/131 then taking OSPPARIS 163 (Advanced Biochemistry) abroad in Paris or Chem 4 (Biochemistry: Chemistry of Life) on the main campus in the summer.  Of course, you may also take the traditional Chemistry sequence (designed for Chemists and Chemical Engineers) to fulfill your premedical requirements. We recommend checking in with your departmental advisors about which courses might satisfy requirements for your major, if your major requirements include Chemistry courses.

Considering a Biology Major?

Biology has posted related guidance on changes to their major, including how these chemistry updates affect it.