Considering a coterm program?

Coterming is one of many options available to you for achieving depth, breadth, and advanced study in your education. The coterminal degree program at Stanford allows you the unique opportunity to begin work on a master’s degree while you are finishing your bachelor’s degree. The degrees do not have to be from the same department and can be combined in a way that adds coherence and depth to your educational program or enhances your professional or personal interests.

You should also weigh the benefits of other combined study plans and academic opportunities, which may align better with your overarching academic goals. Alternatives include pursuing Honors (either in your major department or through an interdiscplinary program); completing a double major, secondary major, or minor; or participating in experiences such as research, overseas or off-campus study, public service, etc.

Review the Choosing to Coterm page for additional guidance and other things to consider. The Comparing Majors Options page also charts some of these options.

Please feel free to consult with a UAR Advisor as you chart your path. Department faculty and advisors can also help you map out your plans. 

For more advice about coterm requirements, see the Coterm Guide.