Custom Planners for a Stanford Quarter

Our Academic Skills Coaches have created some superb resources for Stanford students who want to get their schedule under control.
Look under Study Tips for time management PDFs you can print and use.
The Quarter-at-a-Glance planner is great for laying out all your major deadlines and stress points. Realizing you have two midterms and a major essay due the same week is an unpleasant surprise, but if you know in advance, you can work out a plan. Extremely useful if you are planning a heavy quarter or trying to figure out how many classes to take. If you have commitments to extracurriculars--a theater performance, running a conference--put those in as well.
Weekly Schedule
The typical planner just isn't made for students! It squeezes evenings and weekends into half the space of the work day--but for students, evenings and weekends are the most important time to get stuff done. This weekly planner gives all hours equal weight, and recognizes that you may be working pretty late into the night. Blocking out times for study and review can be critical to keeping up with classes. When the deadlines are coming thick and fast, an hourly schedule can be useful even if it isn’t usually your style.