Get an Alumni Mentor

Did you know that Stanford has an alumni mentoring program? The Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM) program is a great way for you to connect with a mentor who can introduce you to new places, people and ideas; who can encourage and support you; and who can serve as a contact and resource as you navigate your education, bringing your interests and plans to fruition.
For mentoring to be successful, you need to develop a reciprocal and comfortable relationship. This means being open-minded, respectful, and clear about your respective expectations and responsibilities. To make the best of your mentoring experience, be sure to think carefully and in advance about what you want out of the mentoring relationship, what kind of mentor you’d like and the questions you’d like answered. The more you know about your own goals, the more your mentor can help you. Throughout your relationship, be proactive and consistent. Your mentor may be busy at times, and a tactful inquiry may remind them to prioritize your relationship over competing commitments. 


Keep in Touch with Your Mentors