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Help practicing Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish

When you’re taking a foreign language course at Stanford, one thing you can always use more of is practice speaking. Meet one-to-one with a VPTL’s Language Conversation Partner (LCP) to get that practice. LCPs are fluent speakers, often native speakers, of the language you’re studying. They’ve been trained to help you practice what you’re learning in your language course in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. Make as many 30-minute appointments as you need, free of charge. (Only students enrolled in language courses can make appointments.)

Why do LCPs only practice conversation, nothing else? VPTL has worked closely with the Language Center to find out how to best support their courses. VPTL learned that the one factor that can help students improve the most, but which is hardest to deliver in class, is conversation practice. That’s why VPTL concentrates on this.

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