Getting Started in Earth Sciences

El Chalten - Viedma Glacier. Photo by Lisa Weichel .

Explore the Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences at Stanford

The School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences offers a variety of introductory courses, including one-unit seminars, field courses, Introductory Seminars, and Thinking Matters Courses.

Opportunities for broad introductory exploration

The School of Earth, Energy & Environmental  Sciences offers several courses that afford opportunities for broad introductory exploration of the disciplines in our majors: Earth Systems, Energy Resources Engineering, Geological & Environmental Sciences, and Geophysics. Be sure to check Explore Courses for the most current course information

Autumn Quarter Courses

Winter Quarter Courses

Spring Quarter Courses

 School of Earth, ENERGY & Environmental Sciences list of introductory course offerings, most of which have no prerequisites and fulfill WAYS requirements

Opportunities for focused exploration

Other introductory courses ( just to name a few!) enable focused exploration of specific topics in small class settings, such as:

Field trip opportunities

In Living on the Edge (GES 5 - Autumn Quarter), you’ll learn about life on an active plate boundary as you explore local beaches and ancient redwood groves near the Stanford campus. If you plan on being in the Stanford area during the first part of Thanksgiving Break, consider joining us for either GES 183: California Desert Geologic Field Trip or EarthSci 193: Natural Perspectives: Geology, Environment, and Art. Both trips offer opportunities to learn about the geology and environmental history of the ruggedly beautiful region just east of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.  

Research opportunities

About ten freshmen each year are hired to do research during their first summer. You can explore the breadth of research areas in the Earth and environmental sciences by taking EarthSci 1 in Autumn Quarter, a one-unit seminar in which you’ll learn from faculty about their research and opportunities to collaborate with them. In the meantime you can learn more by visiting the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Research webpage.

Come meet us! Once you’re on campus, come visit us during New Student Orientation at one of the Choosing Courses events or at the School of Earth Sciences Open House. Or drop by to meet Richard Nevle at the Engaging with Faculty talk he’ll be giving on Thursday of NSO.  We also invite you to visit us at the School of Earth Sciences tables at Majors Night.  

In the meantime, if you have any questions about exploring your interests in the earth and environmental sciences please contact Richard Nevle, the School of Earth Sciences Undergraduate Program Director.

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