Graduation Requirements for Transfer Students

You can read in detail about Degree Requirements and find out more on the Stanford Bulletin: Undergraduate Degrees and Program page. 

Basic Degree Requirements

The basic graduation requirements are as follows:

  • Earn at least 180 units
  • Satisfy your General Education Requirements
    • One Year of a Foreign Language (or equivalent)
    • Three Writing Courses (PWR 1 or equivalent from your prior institution, PWR 2, and a Writing in the Major Course)
    • Ways of Thinking/Ways of Doing Requirements. For transfer students, the Ways requirement is proportional based on the number of units transferred in. This is noted on the Preliminary Evaluation of Transfer Credit.
  • Satisfy the requirements for a major

No more than 8 activity units may count toward the 180 units needed for graduation and only 27 units of Cr/NC or S/NC (including the 8 activity units) can be factored in.