Make a Quarter-At-A-Glance Plan

It’s a really good idea, in Week 1, to get an overview of your entire quarter. If you know what classes you are taking, then you can chart at least all the major assignments (p-sets, essays and exams). If you have a lot due in the same week, don’t let it catch you by surprise.  
If you are still debating your courseload, this can also be a very helpful tool to decide what works best for you. Sometimes deadlines are the difference between a sustainable and unsustainable workload. For example, many students do just fine with two problem sets each week. But if those problem sets are due every Thursday and every Friday, it’s going to take a lot of discipline to avoid doing the Friday one at the last minute, every week.
Use whatever format works for you--spreadsheets, google calendar, table in a Word doc, or the custom-for-Stanford planner supplied by VPTL under Time Management. But, it’s important to get it all onto one page, where you can look at it. For some reason, flipping through a planner week-by-week just doesn’t give you the same perspective.
Don’t forget to fill in your Final Exams, too!