Networking is about connecting to people, building relationships, and enhancing your access to support, information, encouragement, and experience. It helps you learn about people, events, and opportunities. Developing these connections helps you participate fully in the Stanford community.

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Networking Tips

Stanford Newcomer Guide

Get the most out of your relationship with your Stanford Newcomer Guide (SNG). Be forthcoming about your interests and ask questions -- for example, What do you do here at Stanford? What do you like best about your work? Who is your most interesting colleague? Whose work here at Stanford do you most admire?

Student Services Officer

Did you know that virtually every department or program on campus has a staff person who works directly with undergraduate students? Get to know your friendly neighborhood Student Services Officer! These hardworking professionals have a wealth of information, insight and experience to share.

Peer Advisors

Many departments have student peer advisors, who serve as well-informed ambassadors for prospective majors. See whether the programs that interest you have information sessions where you can meet other students who share your interests, and ask them about their experiences.

Make Introductions

Networking isn’t just about meeting people, it’s about building connections. You can extend your own network by helping others extend theirs. If you know two people that you think might benefit from or enjoy getting to know one another, introduce them!

Follow Up

Remember, when you meet someone, follow up and keep in touch!

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