Is procrastination stressing you out with cram sessions and all-nighters? Fighting the temptation to put something off is a skill anyone can develop.

  1. Break it up. Don’t think of the whole problem set, the entire paper, or that massive project. Start with the small next step. It’s one problem on the problem set. Writing an outline. Scheduling when the group will meet to talk about the project.
  2. Plan out how long a task is going to take you and when you’re going to do it. Actually schedule it in your calendar.
  3. Choose a location that limits distractions. If working in your room doesn’t work 95% of the time because friendly hall-mates want to chat, immediately pick a different place.
  4. Unitask. Multitasking is less efficient. Period. You’ll end up working less time and doing higher quality work if you’re not texting/emailing/facebooking/snapchatting/reading news articles every 10 minutes.
  5. The myth about motivation is that you can’t start something until you “feel ready.” In reality action→motivation→action. Like a big motivation sandwich. You’ll “feel ready,” if you start doing something first – not the other way around.

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