Senior Guide

Welcome to Senior Advising

Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) provides academic advising, programming, and support for students as they shape their Stanford education. In guiding students to engage with faculty and in supporting students’ personal and intellectual development, UAR encourages students to explore the full breadth and depth of their intellectual opportunities, to find their intellectual homes, and to discover a sense of belonging at Stanford.

Having navigated three years of the Stanford experience successfully, you are now ready to deepen your intellectual engagement with the University.  Your Major Department is your new academic home.  Cultivate relationships with people and resources there, while staying in touch with faculty and advisors from prior years.

As you continue your journey you may find yourself pulled in many different directions.  Before narrowing your path too quickly, give yourself time to explore new ideas and opportunities.  Along the way you will be preparing yourself well for post-Stanford life.

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