Sophomores, Don't Miss Out on IntroSems!

Sophomores, check out this online tool to explore sophomore seminars and make your choices. You can easily sort by quarter, department, or requirement, and try a text search on any of the index pages to see if certain keywords pop up.

Why Take an IntroSem?

Why take an IntroSem? A few selected reasons:

  • Due to their small size, IntroSems provide you with an opportunity to create a relationship with a professor
  • IntroSems let you get a sense of advanced material in a major.
  • IntroSems often include practical and field experience. You get insight from a professor who’s been there, and can share experiences, help you understand your options, and what working in a field really means.
  • IntroSems are often your best chance to connect with faculty in the professional schools (business, education, law, medicine), who are not usually teaching undergraduate students.

What are you up to this August? You’ve probably got more time now to write IntroSem applications for winter and spring than you will during the school year. You can pre-load statements and IntroSem choices now for all three upcoming quarters, and edit them later if things change. A common regret we hear from juniors: “I wish I had taken an IntroSem…”


Autumn IntroSem applications are due on 30 August, and you'll hear back by 21 September. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

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