Summer Steps: Connect with Faculty

Wait, what? Okay, it’s true that professors aren’t necessarily around in the summer, or you are off-campus, so you might not be able to meet with them to talk about doing research, or see if they might be taking advisees in the major. But here’s what you can do:

How to Connect with Faculty

  1. identify faculty of interest. Figure out who on this campus is doing the things that most interest you. Put keywords into ExploreCourses, and browse faculty profiles on department websites. Be sure to check research centers and institutes, as well as the graduate and professional schools. Search Stanford News for stories featuring professors.

  2. prepare to meet with faculty. Check out their website, read some of their research, and develop questions you will ask them when you can meet with them in person.

When you return in autumn, you’ll be all set to knock on a professor’s door.