Thinking About Starting a Project? Get Inspired at SURPS!

  • Every major has its own way of asking questions. SURPS will showcase the way your fellow students are starting to ask questions in their chosen disciplines.
  • Every project navigates a unique set of challenges. At SURPS you will hear about how other students have gotten their ideas off the ground.
  • Every faculty mentor offers a different kind of expertise and encouragement. SURPS presenters can tell you more about how they have engaged with their mentors.
  • Many students pursue projects outside of their major to broaden their academic experiences. At SURPS you can find out about opportunities that take you outside of the classroom.

The Symposium of Research and Public Service (SURPS) is a great place to share ideas on research, arts, service, and senior synthesis projects. Presenters and attendees alike can discuss their experiences developing ideas and working with faculty on their projects. There are no formal presentations, so you can drop in anytime and browse the student posters, asking questions as you see a topic that catches your interest.

There are two symposiums each year:

Dates 2018-2019

SURPS will be held on Thursday, October 25, 2018 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm in Burnham Pavilion.